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Lingerie isn’t for other women, it’s for you, because it’s for me. My mom grew up in an orphanage where they weren’t allowed to say the word “bra” because it was considered indelicate. They were referred to as “brays” – yes, the sound a donkey makes. But for my first First Holy Communion, my mom Continue Reading

Dear Mother Nature — Can We Talk?

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Please come in. Sit down. Some tea? Wine? Something stronger? Because I have to ask you a serious question. What the H are you up to! Seriously girl, it was just Memorial Day weekend and this morning, my heat kicked on. No, not metaphorical "heat" but heat as in from my home HVAC system. It was Continue Reading

Summer guests and lingerie

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Linger is located in a upscale but old-fashioned seaside town (Spring Lake NJ). Over 50 independent boutiques and not a chain store in site. Nearly every shop has a dog bowl outside. It is the kind of town where kids ride their bikes, carrying surfboards up to the beach. Entire families spill out Continue Reading

What hue are you?

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Originally, this was a post about the growth spurt in the shades of "neutral" colors that women can pick from. No longer regulated to odd looking nudes (that really didn't seem to match anyone's skin tone), we now have an abundance of shades to choose from. In fact, there is even a relatively new Continue Reading

Buying your daughter’s first bra?


A few considerations: What should I consider before buying my tween her first training bra? Two things: Is she physically ready; are her breasts developing? Is she emotionally ready to "grow up"? If you answered Yes to either question, you should start thinking about buying your tween her Continue Reading

Got tatts?

Simon Perele Tattoo

For the last few days, I've been hoping our adorable UPS guy (we call him  "Bill the Thrill" -- he would die) is going to bring the shipment all the Linger ladies are waiting for -- our Tattoos! My parents firmly believed tattoos were for gang members, sailors, or pirates. While I don't have any Continue Reading